Solar Geyser Price In Pakistan

Solar Geyser Price In Pakistan 2024

Solar geyser price in pakistan depend on the company’s material, specifications, and your need for selection. However, normally, solar water heater prices in Pakistan are between 18000 and 50000. Solar geyser prices in Karachi and Lahore can be different due to manufacturing places, marketing, and carriage.

Solar water geyser uses sunlight through solar panels to heat water for domestic, commercial, or industrial use. The term “geyser” is often used to describe a water heater in some regions, especially in South Africa and parts of Europe.

Due to the environment friendly and effective water heating solution. Solar geysers are also popular worldwide, as in Pakistan. The country has abundant sunlight, making solar energy an excellent renewable resource to harness for various applications, including heating water.

Electric And Gas Geyser Price In Pakistan

Solar water geyser price in pakistan can vary based on several factors, including the capacity of the system, brand, features, and installation costs. It’s important to note that prices may change from time to time due to market conditions, technological advancements, and other factors.

Company & SpecificationsPrice
Care Instant Gas Geyser BB 20 Plus Dual (6 litre)17000/-
Super Asia 6 Liter Instant Gas Geyser GH-106 DI LPG20000/-
NasGas 12 Gallons Electric Water Heater DE-1227000/-
Super Asia 8 Liter Instant Gas Geyser GH-108 DI28000/-
Ocean 15 Gallons Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 15G32000/-
Super Asia 10 Liter Instant Gas Geyser GH-110 DI NG33000/-
Ocean 55 Gallons Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 55G49000/-
NasGas Instant Geyser DG-08L Crystal112000/-

Advantages Of Solar Water Heater

The use of solar geysers in Pakistan offers several benefits, including reduced energy bills, lower environmental impact, and less dependence on conventional energy sources. With the help of solar panels, It’s a renewable and sustainable way to harness the sun’s energy for heating water, contributing to energy efficiency and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost savings: Solar energy is free, and installing a solar geyser system can drastically lower gas or electricity costs for boiling water.

Eco-friendly: Using solar geysers reduces carbon footprints by lowering reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource.

Sufficient Sunlight: Pakistan enjoys year-round sunshine, which contributes to the high efficacy and efficiency of solar geysers.

Government Incentives: To encourage the construction of solar water heating systems, some governments provide tax breaks, subsidies, or other financial incentives.

How does a solar water heater work?

  1. Solar Collectors: These are the panels or collectors that are installed on the roof or another location with good sun exposure. They take in sunlight and release heat from it.
  2. Heat Transfer System: As a heat transfer fluid, typically a water-and-antifreeze mixture, circulates through the solar collectors, the solar energy is transferred to it.
  3. Heat Exchanger: The heat transfer releases its heat into a separate tank of water after passing through a heat exchanger..
  4. Water Storage Tank:┬áHeated water can be stored in an insulated tank until it’s needed. Usually, this tank has good insulation to reduce heat loss.
  5. Backup Heating Element: In case there isn’t enough sunlight to meet the demand for hot water, there is often a backup heating element (electric or gas) to ensure a constant supply of hot water.

Does Solar Geyser Work At Night?

In the dark, solar geysers do not function. During the day, solar geysers use solar radiation as energy to heat water. The essential part of the system, the solar collectors, takes in sunlight and transforms it into heat, which warms the water. In the absence of sunlight at night, the solar collectors are unable to produce heat.

A backup heating element is often included in solar geyser systems to guarantee a steady supply of hot water. This backup system is frequently run on gas or electricity. Kicks in at night or on cloudy days when the solar collectors are unable to produce enough heat. By doing this, consumers are guaranteed access to hot water even in the absence of solar energy.

How to select a water geyser?

  1. When considering a solar geyser in Pakistan, assess factors like local climate, available sunlight, and hot water needs.
  2. Work with reputable suppliers or installers experienced in solar water heating systems for a well-designed and functioning system.
  3. Improvements in technology and government policies can affect solar energy products.
  4. You should get in touch with the market for the latest developments and potential incentives for solar installations in Pakistan..

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