Battery Price In Pakistan

Battery Price In Pakistan 2024

Every company makes quality products according to their strategy. So, the battery price in Pakistan can differ due to its durability, efficiency, long lifespan, and affordability. We need batteries for vehicles, UPs, and solar panels. Batteries are the best option to store extra energy generated by the solar system and provide backup during a shortage of electricity. So you can reduce your electricity bill.

5 Best Battery Brand In Pakistan

In Pakistan, many local companies manufacture extremely high and life lasting batteries. We can purchase them at a very reasonable price as we need. Below is a list of the best brands that are easily available in Pakistan with a longer lifespan, ease of use, strength, features, and a warranty from the manufacturer.

Osaka Battery

Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt) Ltd is a certified company that has manufactured a variety of Osaka batteries for 25 years. This company not only serves in Pakistan but also exports batteries to other countries at international levels due to its good reputation and high performance. This company has won Sixteen Consecutive “Best Export Performance Awards” and “Businessman of the Year Award ( Gold Medal Award) due to his committed quality.

The first company to offer maintenance-free batteries in the entire range of 35 AH to 150 AH at international standards is Pakistan Accumulators in the country. This company manufactures motorcycle batteries for starting, lighting, and lighting ignition. Batteries with tubular plates for deep cycle, motive power, and solar power applications. VRLA batteries for backup power in telecom towers in extremely cold temperatures. Osaka batteries include 12-volt European standard batteries (44AH to 92 AH) and Japanese industrial standard batteries (32 AH to 245 AH). Osaka battery price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 950.

AGS Battery

Atlas and “GS” stands for Genzo Shimadzu, the founder of Japan Storage Battery Co. Ltd. AGS is an internationally certified brand that maintains quality standards. Atlas batteries started manufacturer in 1966. It produces a large variety of lead acid batteries suitable for passenger cars, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, UPS, solar systems, and construction equipment. AGS is a well-known battery brand in Pakistan and also works well in the country. It is famous for its special backup, availability in a broad range, and durability. AGS battery price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 3840.

Exide Battery

Exide is the big producer of lead-acid electric storage batteries in The country. These batteries are specially manufactured for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, marine transport, generators, and other purpose. The Exide batteries are a good solution for power backup in Industrial applications. These batteries are built to maintain current flow even in the event of a power outage.

The company designed the batteries especially to satisfy the growing need for dependable power backup households. Exide also manufactures a wide range of solar batteries with the latest technology. These batteries are designed to offer excellent cycling performance. Exide battery price in Pakistan is from Rs. 8250 to Rs. 86850.

Phoenix Battery

Phoenix started work in Pakistan in the year of 2005. More than 2 million Phoenix batteries are produced annually and distributed through 11 registered offices in Pakistan. Phoenix battery price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 2230. The Phoenix tubular battery prices in Pakistan start from Rs. 8060, the maximum price is Rs. 44100, and the average price is Rs. 25870. Phoenix produces lead-acid batteries for automobiles, motorcycles, industrial purposes UPS, and solar systems.

Volta Battery

Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited is a certified company that has manufactured various types of batteries with the brand name “VOLTA” for over 25 years. Volata batteries are maintenance-free in full range from 20 AH to 150 AH based on international standards. These batteries do not need to charge or water top-up at the 1st time. Additionally, Pakistan Accumulators produces lead acid batteries for telecommunication tower backups in extremely cold temperatures as well as tubular plate deep cycle batteries for motive power, solar power systems, and deep cycle applications.

Volta has a range of 12-volt JIS (Japan Industrial Standard), from 20 AH to 215 AH and DIN (European Standard) batteries from 44 AH to 92 AH. Volta battery price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 3500. Volta tubular batteries are locally manufactured from a range of 12 volts, 45 Amp to 260 Amp. These are special batteries for solar systems’ power backup.

Daewoo Battery

Daewoo manufactures Lead Acid batteries in Pakistan. These deep-cycle batteries for UPS and solar systems, as well as automotive batteries, require no maintenance. These batteries are specially designed and manufactured for the Pakistani environment with the use of advanced Korean technology under the direct supervision of Korean experts.

The highest CCA (Cold cranking amps) provides the fastest engine startup, even in intense cold weather conditions. It’s ready to use as it comes pre-charged, so there is no need to charge at the time of installation. Batteries are specially manufactured for UPs and solar systems
with deep cycle technology. With this technology, these batteries give the longest backup time and last longer than ordinary batteries. These batteries are ideal for UPS/Solar Systems in homes, offices, and industries. They also come with a one-year free replacement guarantee. Daewoo battery price in Pakistan is low compared to other batteries.

Types Of Battery

  1. Lead-Acid Batteries: Lead Acid batteries are the traditional choice for automotive applications. And mostly utilized in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.
  2. Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries: Nickel-metal hydride batteries are rechargeable and found in power tools and hybrid vehicles. This kind of battery offers a balance between capacity and cost.
  3. Lithium Polymer Batteries: These batteries are lightweight and used in drones and wearable devices, but they also have a flexible form factor.
  4. Zinc-Carbon Batteries: This kind of battery is basic and used in low-drain devices, non-rechargeable.
  5. Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries: These batteries are rechargeable and well-known for durability. However, these are decreasing in popularity due to cadmium toxicity.

Which Types Of Batteries Are Good For UPS?

There are specifically 2 types of UPS batteries in Pakistan.

  1. Lead Acid Batteries for UPS
  2. Lithium Ion Batteries or Dry Batteries for UPS

Lead acid batteries are very popular. Tubular and deep-cycle batteries fall under the broader category of lead-acid batteries, sharing the basic principles of using lead and sulfuric acid as key components in their construction. On the other hand, lithium Ion or dry battery is more expensive but long-lasting. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper than lithium batteries in Pakistan. However, the lithium battery is the top choice for solar systems in Pakistan. Lithium Ion or dry batteries also require little to no maintenance.

If cost is not a limiting factor, opting for a more advanced and longer-lasting dry or lithium-ion battery is the best choice. However, if budget constraints are a concern, a lead-acid battery is presented as a viable and more economical alternative. The choice between these options often depends on the specific requirements of the application, as well as budget considerations.

What To Look For When Buying A Battery?

When we want to purchase a battery for solar in Pakistan or any other use there are many things to consider. Various chemical constructions provide different advantages. It depends on where the battery is used. Batteries are used for various purposes, including UPS and solar systems. There are two types of batteries in Pakistan for solar panels, including acid and lithium. You should decide on the right option according to your needs and budget. So, it is necessary when selecting the best battery to ensure its reliability and energy backup facilities.


Which battery is best in pakistan?

There are many well-known battery brands in Pakistan. However, AGS batteries are highly recommended due to their high quality and durability.

Which is the best battery for solar in pakistan?

Lithium batteries are better for solar . These batteries come with high energy density and require little to no maintenance.

Which battery is best for ups dry or liquid?

Dry cells are more applicable for UPS because dry cells require a little maintenance as compared to liquid batteries. Batteries are often kept outside for use with UPS۔ And because it is cold outside, the chances of water freezing are high.

Which is best dry battery in pakistan?

Commonly, people ask the question, which is the best dry battery in Pakistan? According to public opinion, the Daewoo Battery is the best.

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