Growatt Inverter.

Growatt Inverter: Effective Conversion of Solar Energy

An essential part of solar energy systems, Growatt Inverters, is the vital connection between your solar panels and your electrical appliances. These inverters were created and produced by Growatt, renowned for their superior performance, dependability, and cutting-edge features.

Growatt inverter price in pakistan

As of the update of March 2024, Growatt inverter price in Pakistan is a minimum price of 45000 to 2300000. The average price is 830000. However, prices can be changed due to the unstable economy of Pakistan.

The Growatt inverter’s estimated prices are below.

Product NamePrice
Growatt inverter 5kw on grid price in Pakistan247000/-
Growatt inverter 10kw on grid price in Pakistan295000/-
Growatt inverter 15kw on grid price in Pakistan350000/-
Growatt inverter 20kw on grid price in Pakistan495000/-
Growatt inverter 25kw on grid price in Pakistan315000/-
Growatt inverter 30kw on grid price in Pakistan630000/-
Growatt inverter 40kw on grid price in Pakistan680000/-
Growatt inverter 50kw on grid price in Pakistan840000/-
Growatt inverter 60kw on grid price in Pakistan900000/-

Growatt Inverter Varieties

String Inverters

Growatt provides a selection of string inverters for domestic and industrial solar projects. Solar systems that are connected to the grid often employ these inverters.

Hybrid Inverters

Growatt Hybrid inverters can control solar power and energy storage systems. These inverters are appropriate for storing extra energy for later use in households or businesses.

Off-Grid Inverters

For isolated areas or regions without access to the grid, Growatt has developed off-grid inverters. They make it possible for independent systems to generate and store solar energy.

Grid-Tied Inverters

These inverters are made for systems linked to the grid, allowing surplus energy to be sent back into the grid and potentially earning credits or compensation through net metering.

Battery Inverters

Growatt battery inverters are used to control energy storage systems effectively. They make the switch from solar power to stored energy seamless when necessary.

Features of Growatt Inverters

Reliable Solar Power Conversion

Solar energy can be consistently and effectively converted into useful power using inverters. Due to their dependable performance, they are respected by individuals, companies, and solar installers worldwide.

Diverse product line

To accommodate different solar setups, Growatt provides a variety of inverter models. It comprises off-grid inverters for remote or standalone applications, hybrid inverters for energy storage systems, and string inverters for home and commercial usage.

Performance and efficiency

These inverters’ excellent efficiency ratings guarantee you get the most out of your solar panels. They are designed to function at their best in various environmental circumstances.

Advanced observation and control

You can closely monitor your solar system’s operation and energy output thanks to Growatt’s user-friendly monitoring tools. Their inverters frequently have web-based and mobile app-based remote control features.

Easy Installation

Growatt Inverters are simple to install, which makes it simpler for solar specialists to set up systems successfully and efficiently.

Including batteries

Growatt provides trustworthy warranties and first-rate customer service when there are questions or issues.

Customer service and warranty

When there are questions or issues, Growatt provides trustworthy warranties and first-rate customer service.


For individuals wishing to efficiently and successfully use solar energy, Growatt Inverters are trustworthy. They play a crucial role in converting solar energy into useful power and help create a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Growatt Inverters are a major participant in the solar energy industry, whether you’re a corporation wanting to cut expenses or an ecologically aware homeowner.

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