Gold Price In Pakistan

Gold Price In Pakistan July 2024

Gold prices in Pakistan fluctuate due to many factors, such as the USD to PKR exchange rate, global market trends, and local demand. To make wise judgments while purchasing or selling gold in Pakistan, keeping up with the most recent gold rates is imperative. We will provide you with accurate international market gold rates in time.

Gold Price In Pakistan 10 July 2024

Gold Rate24k Per Tola Price In PK22k Per Tola Price In PK21k Per Tola Price In PK18k Per Tola Price In PK
Per Tola Gold244, 950.000224. 537.500214, 331.250183, 712.500
Per 10 Gram Gold210, 010.000192, 509.167183, 758.750157, 507.500
Per 1 Gram21, 001.00019, 250.91718, 375.87515, 750.750
Per Ounce595, 228.500545, 626.125520, 824.938446, 421.375

24k Gold Price Today Pakistan

Today, the 24k gold rate in Pakistan is very high. However, this pure form of gold is highly sought for its purity and value in the market. People often prefer 24k gold for investment due to its higher value and purity than other forms of gold.

Today 22k Gold Rate in Pakistan

The 22k Gold Rate in Pakistan is a great choice for those who want affordability and quality. The 22k gold rate in Pakistan offers a famous choice. This type of gold is commonly used in jewelry making and is favored for its durability and elegant appearance.

18k Gold Rate in Lahore

For those looking for a balance between affordability and quality, the 18k gold rate in Lahore offers a feasible option. This type of gold is commonly used in jewelry making and combines durability with an attractive appearance.

916 Gold Rate in Pakistan

In Pakistan, 916 gold is still widely used for investing and jewelry-making despite having a little lower purity than 24k gold. This gold alloy’s price and market value are reflected in Pakistan’s 916 gold rate.

Gold Price Per Ounce

Gold price per ounce is a standard measurement used in the international gold market. In Pakistan, the price per ounce is a benchmark for understanding the overall trend of gold prices and comparing it with other forms of gold available in the market.

Lahore Gold Rate Today

In Lahore, today’s gold rate can vary slightly from other cities in Pakistan due to local market dynamics and demand. Citizens of Lahore can check the current gold rate to make good decisions when buying or selling gold jewelry or investment pieces.

Gold Sarafa Bazar Today

Sarafa Bazar is a popular destination for gold buyers and sellers in Pakistan. The gold prices at Sarafa Bazar today reflect the current market conditions and provide an opportunity for individuals to engage in gold transactions with trusted sellers.

Karachi Gold Rate Today

Karachi, being a big economic hub in Pakistan, has a significant impact on the gold market. Today’s gold price in Karachi is influenced by various factors such as local demand, global market trends, and currency exchange rates.

Gold Guineas Pakistan

Gold guineas are a traditional form of gold coinage that is historically significant in Pakistan. Today, gold guineas in Pakistan are prized for their cultural and historical significance and gold content.

Today, the Gold Price Per Tola

The gold price per tola is a standard measurement for gold transactions in Pakistan. Knowing the current gold price per tola helps individuals accurately calculate the cost of gold items and make informed decisions when buying or selling gold.

Gold Biscuit Price in PK

Gold biscuits are a popular form of investment in Pakistan due to their convenient size and purity. The gold biscuit price in PK reflects the cost of this investment option and provides an accessible way for people to invest in gold.

Rawalpindi Gold Rate

Today, the gold rate in Rawalpindi may vary slightly from that of other cities in Pakistan due to local market dynamics. Citizens of Rawalpindi can remain informed about the current gold price to make good decisions when buying or selling gold.

Historical Gold Prices PK

Comprehending the past gold prices in Pakistan can offer significant insights into current market patterns and facilitate well-informed decision-making regarding gold investments for individuals. Analyzing historical data can reveal patterns and forecast potential future price movements.

Best Place to Buy Gold in Pakistan

When looking for the best place to buy gold in Pakistan, consider reputable and trustworthy gold dealers and jewelry stores with a transparent pricing policy. It would help if you shopped at well-known and trustworthy outlets to ensure the quality and credibility of your gold shopping.

Islamabad Gold Rate Today

Today’s gold rate in Islamabad fluctuates based on global market trends and local demand. Residents of Islamabad can track the current gold rate to make informed decisions when buying or selling gold jewelry or investment pieces.

Gold Price Trends in PK

Monitoring gold price trends in PK is crucial for understanding market dynamics and making informed decisions about gold transactions. Awareness of price trends can help individuals maximize their profit and minimize risks.

Peshawar Gold Rate Today

Today’s gold rate in Peshawar may vary little from other cities in Pakistan due to regional market conditions. Residents of Peshawar can stay updated on the current gold rate to make informed decisions when buying or selling gold.

Quetta Gold Rate Today

The gold rate in Quetta reflects the local market dynamics and demand for gold. To make wise choices when purchasing or disposing of gold, Quetta locals can keep up to date on the current gold rate.


Those who are interested in purchasing, selling, or investing in gold must keep up with the current price of gold in Pakistan. By monitoring the current gold rates in major cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, people can make informed decisions and maximize the value of their gold transactions.

Whether purchasing gold for jewelry or investment purposes, understanding Pakistan’s gold rates and market trends is crucial for a successful and profitable gold buying experience.


How Many Grams Are In One Tola Gold?

There are 11.66638 grams or 180 grains of gold in a tola. The Tola is a basic unit for measuring gold and silver. It is used in the market to buy and sell coin jewelry and other gold products.

How Many Grams In One Ounce?

There are 28.35081 grams gold in one ounce.

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