Fronius Inverter Price In Pakistan: Comprehensive Guide 2024

Fronius inverter price in Pakistan varies depending on a number of variables. These elements include the inverter’s characteristics, capacity, and the particular model that you select. Market factors, supplier prices, and installation expenses may also impact the ultimate cost.

The estimated minimum Fronius inverter price In Pakistan is 60,000, and the estimated maximum Fronius inverter price in Pakistan is 450,000. These prices may fluctuate with the Pakistani economy.

The Fronius high-efficiency solar inverter is designed for homes and commercial use. These inverters are more compact and lightweight than traditional inverters. Solar inverters convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which may be utilized to power your house or be supplied to the grid.

Fronius Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Product Name and Specificationprice
Fronius Platinum PV2200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan60,000/-
Fronius Platinum PV3200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan90,000/-
Fronius Platinum PV5200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan14,0000/-
Fronius Platinum PV7200 2.0 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan162,000/-
Fronius Platinum PV9200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan295,000/-
Fronius Platinum PV12200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan320,000/-
Fronius Matrix 6kw Single Phase MPPT Base Solar Inverter315,000/-

Fronius Hybrid Inverter Price In Pakistan

Product Name and SpecificationPrice
Fronius Xeon 1.2Kv Hybrid Solar Inverter70,000/-
Fronius Advance 1.4Kva Single Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter72,000/-
Fronius Xeon Plus 2000va 1600watt Solar Inverter76,000/-
Fronius Infineon Plus PV5000 Grid Tied Hybrid Inverter1,87000/-
Fronius Infineon 6kw MPPT Hybrid Solar Inverter196,000/-
Fronius Infineon Plus PV7000 Grid Tied Hybrid Inverter195,000/-
Fronius 2.5kva MPPT 24V Hybrid Solar Inverter80,000/-
Fronius (liFePo4) 100AMP 48Vot Lithium Battery455,000/-

These above prices are estimated due to the fluctuation of the Pakistani economy, which can change.

Fronus Solar Inverters Offer Fantastic Key Features

High Efficiency: Fronius inverters are designed to maximize the conversion of solar energy into electricity. It can help increase the overall energy product of your solar panels.

Monitoring and Data Analysis: Many Fronius inverters have monitoring devices that let you keep tabs on your solar power system’s operation in real-time. The optimum use of this data for energy generation and system maintenance is possible.

Grid Connectivity: When your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, you may feed it back into the grid. Thanks to Fronius inverters, which are typically built to link to the electrical grid easily. Through net metering or feed-in tariffs, it can result in savings or even income.

Product Lines: Fronius has a number of product lines available, including the Fronius Symo for commercial installations and the Fronius Primo for home applications. Inverters like the Fronius Eco, which are intended for large-scale installations, are also available.

Quality and Reliability: Because of the high calibre and dependability of its products, Fronius frequently offers extensive warranties to support its inverters.

Hybrid and Battery Solutions: Additionally, Fronius has also dabbled with energy storage options and hybrid inverters. To further lessen your dependency on the grid, these systems let you store extra solar energy in batteries for use on overcast days or at night.

Global Presence: Fronius is a multinational company with a worldwide presence, so its products are available all over the world.


  • Dual MPPT technology maximum power extract
  • High Efficiency
  • Save money on energy bill
  • Energy saver
  • Wifi interface
  • Warranty
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Increase home value


  • Costly

When you think about a solar power system and picking an inverter, consult with a certified solar installer or technician who can guide you in selecting the best inverter for your unique demands and area. Furthermore, the Fronius product line may change. It’s crucial to examine the most recent information on their goods and solutions.

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