6kw Solar System Price In Pakistan

6kw Solar System Price In Pakistan 2024

6kw solar panel system price in Pakistan can vary based on several factors, including the quality of components, installation complexity, location, and any available incentives. It’s critical to remember that pricing might vary.

A 6kva solar panel system is enough for a small or medium home and commercial use. You can generate free solar electricity with a 6 kW hybrid solar system. Your monthly electricity costs might be as low as 0 paisa with a 6KW solar panel installation. Additionally, you may use Net metering in Pakistan to sell any extra green energy to NEPRA.

How Much A 6kw Solar System Costs In Pakistan

Per watt, Solar Panel Price In Pakistan is running from 35 to 41 nowadays. These solar system prices are very reasonable compared to the previous history. Before 2023, the per watt per solar panels price was about 130 to 140 rupees. That was the highest ever in the history of Pakistan.

6kW solar panel system price in Pakistan is around 950000 (9.5 Lakh) Rupees and $3030. All components or devices essential for installing solar systems at a home or business, such as solar panels, frames, cables, boards, batteries, solar inverter, transportation, pipes, and installation charges, are included in this pricing. Only the solar panels cost 210000 rupees, while the other appliances cost at least 594200.

S. NoItem DetailsQuantityPriceTotal
1Galaxy PV 72001.0 Qty140000140000
2Solar Panels A Grade
LONGI/Jinko/Canadian/JA 500-550W
3Structure L 2 Type6.0 Qty500030000
4Dc Cables (PV), Protection Devices & Accessories
DC Breaker PV, DC Breaker Battery, Mora Reverse Protection Device, AC Breaker, Change Over, Volt Meter, D.B etc
1.0 LS8500085000
5Labor Charges
Installation of all indoor and outdoor appliances
1.0 LS2000020000
Transportation towards site
1.0 LS50005000
7Battery TA 1800
Tall Tubular 185AH Exide/Osaka
4.0 Qty50000200000
Double Pit, Lighting Arestor, SPDs
1.0 LS5500055000
9Net Metering (3P Inverter Installed)
NEPRA fees and Dues
1.0 LS9500095000

How Many Appliances Can Run On 6KW Solar System?

These appliances can be run on a 6kw solar system daily in our houses. We can save money using this solar system to power all our appliances. We can use net metering to sell any excess power generated by this 6 kW solar system to the Pakistani government.

  • 2 Inverter AC 1.5 Ton
  • 1 Fridge
  • 05 Fans
  • 10 Energy Savers or Lights
  • 1 Washing Machine
  • 1 Water Pump
  • 1 Pressor for clothes
  • 1 LED TV Mobile
  • Chargers Torches

Back-up Time:

Load Back-up
5000 watts1 hour
2500 watts2 hours
1500 watts 3.2 hours

How Much Power Produces 6kw Solar System?

As complete kit accessories per the Highest standard Installation, this system will produce 4.57 units per hour. A 6kw solar system can produce 6000 to 9000 watts per hour. It often generates 4 to 5kw, which is a fantastic amount of power and more than enough to power all the appliances in a home or office. It can generate 24 to 30 units per day and 750 to 850 units per month of power from the sun. This 6 kilowatt solar system could power a medium-sized home in Pakistan.

How Many Rupees We Can Save By Using 6KW Solar System?

Many Pakistanis are moving to solar energy since it is entirely free because power rates are so expensive there. The price per unit is 22 to 65 rupees in Pakistan, which is more expensive than other countries. Each day, we can save 20 units and 1000 rupees. Approximately 30000 rupees every month throughout the entire month.

When considering installing a solar system, it’s important to research local regulations, incentives, and financing options. Solar technology and the solar industry are changing, so it’s a good idea to consult a professional installer to determine the best system size and setup for your specific needs and location.

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