3kw Solar System Price In Pakistan

3kw Solar System Price In Pakistan 2024

A 3kw solar system is enough for small houses, which consume 300 to 400 units monthly. This option is great for small houses, commercial use, and shops to fulfil daily electric needs. The price of a 3kw solar system in Pakistan will be approximately Rs. 350000 to Rs. 450000. Solar power systems are a long-term investment that can save you money. If you cannot afford a full-scale solar energy system, then there is an option of  Meezan Bank solar financing.

The home solar system is very beneficial in this period of costly electricity. If you invest in a 3kw solar panel system, it will pay back in 1.5 years.

3KW Solar System Price In Pakistan

Item DetailsQuantityPriceTotal
1Fruines 3200 MPPT 0.1 Qty8500085000
2Solar Panels A Grade Tier 1
LONGI/Jinko/Canadian/ 550-500 watt
0.6 Qty21000126000
3Structure L 2 0.3 Qty500015000
4Dc Cables (PV), Protection Devices & Accessories
DC Breaker PV, DC Breaker Battery, Mora Reverse Protection Device, AC Breaker, Change Over, Volt Meter, D.B etc
1.0 LS3500035000
Solar panel installation cost, Labor Charges
Installation of all indoor and outdoor appliances
1.0 LS80008000
Transportation towards site
1.0 LS50005000
7Batteries Exide/Osaka
0.2 Qty3150063000
Double Pit, Lighting Arestor, SPDs
1.0 LS3500035000

What Can Run A 3kw Solar System?

You can run a completely small house on a 3kw solar system.

  1. Fans: 03
  2. Lights: 07
  3. Ac or Iron: 01
  4. Refrigerator: 01
  5. Water Pump: 01
  6. LED TV: 01
  7. Washing Machine: 01

How Much Electricity Can Produce A 3kw system?

3kw solar panel systems can produce 10 to 12 units of electricity daily and 300 to 350 units per month. Under ideal conditions, a 3-kilowatt (kW) solar power system can produce 3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per hour. However, this depends on sunlight availability, the orientation and tilt of the panels, climate and weather conditions, maintenance, and the age of the system.

3kW Solar System Cost In Pakistan

The average cost of a 3kw solar system installation is 400000 to 450000. However, 3kva solar system prices in Pakistan may vary in different cities like Karachi and Lahore due to carriage and installation charges. A big expense in the installation of a 3kw solar panel system is the solar panels, which fluctuate daily. You can check daily updated Solar Panel Prices In Pakistan here.

3kW OFF-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

In a 3kw off-grid solar system, batteries are used to store power for use electricity. 3kv off-grid system works independently without a grid. However, net metering is not available in this system. Users can produce and utilize their electricity without relying on the main power grid thanks to off-grid solar systems, which offer energy autonomy, in isolated locations where grid connection is expensive or impossible.


Can a 3kW solar system run AC?

A 1.5-ton AC requires 10.5 amps maximum current and a maximum power of 2300 watts. So the 5 panels of 500 watts are enough for it.

How many solar panels are required for 3kW?

For 3000 watts solar system needs 6 panels of 550 watts because a-grade solar panels give 80% efficiency.

How much space is needed for a 3kw solar system?

To install 3000 watts of solar panels, 7 x 24 feet of roof space is required.

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