1kw Solar System Price In Pakistan

1kw Solar System Price In Pakistan

A 1kw solar system produces 1 kilowatt power, which is enough for a small residential area. Solar panel prices in Pakistan are the main cause of the increase and decrease in solar systems. Solar system prices can vary depending on solar panel quality, inverter, battery type and installation. However, the 1kw solar system price in Pakistan is almost 150000 to 200000 PKR. It is an easy and low-priced formula for producing electricity in day time.

What is 1kw Solar System Price In Pakistan?

Estimated invoice of 1kw Solar System:

Item DetailsQuantity
Solar Panels A Grade
LONGI/Jinko/Canadian/JA 500-540W
2.0 Qty1850037000
Primax Galaxy PV1200 Hybrid solar Inverter With 50A MPPT Solar Charger Controller1.0 Qty4200042000
2Structure Frame2.0 Qty500010000
Dc Cables (PV), Protection Devices & Accessories
DC Breaker PV, DC Breaker Battery, Mora Reverse Protection Device, AC Breaker, Change Over, Volt Meter, D.B etc
1.0 LS2500025000
4Labor Charges
Installation of all indoor and outdoor appliances
1.0 LS30003000
Transportation towards site
1.0 LS20002000
6Battery 21 plates 120AH Exide1.0 Qty3150031500

What Can We Power With A 1 KW Solar System?

  • Fans: 03
  • Lights: 04
  • Air Cooler: 01
  • LED TV: 01

How Many Units Will Produce A 1kw Solar System?

A 1-kilowatt solar system will produce 4 electric units and 120 units monthly on a full sunny day. However, the weather conditions impact the production of solar systems.

What Are The Best Solar Panels For A 1 KW Solar System?

There are many solar panel companies that provide solar panels in Pakistan, with the name such as Trina, JA Canadian, Jinko, Phono, Astra Energy, JM, Maysun, Doart Energy, and many more. However, any Tier 1 solar panels are best for solar systems


Solar technology is becoming more efficient and cheaper in Pakistan, like in other modern countries. So it will be accessible to everyone in Pakistan. Solar systems are a long-term investment with no loss; you can reduce 75% of the electricity bill for your small house with the use of a 1 kW solar system.

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