15kw Solar System Price In Pakistan

15kw Solar System Price In Pakistan

Only the solar system is the best way to save your money on the upcoming heavy electricity bills in Pakistan. With a 15kw solar system, you can not only save your money but also use electricity with an open heart. The cost of a 15kW solar system in Pakistan is reasonable for a large one-kanal home.

The main factor in increasing and decreasing the cost of solar systems is solar panel prices in Pakistan. Let us know how it is. Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan have been unstable due to the government’s instability, lack of profit, and mismanagement in imports and production of solar panels in many countries.

How Much Does a 15kw Solar System Cost?

Sr No
Item DetailsQuantityPriceTotal
Inverter Growatt 15kw1.0 Qty29,000029,0000
2Solar Panels Tier 1 A Grade
LONGI/Jinko/Canadian 550/555
28 Qty25680719040
3Structure Frame14 Qty480067200
4Dc Cables (PV), Protection Devices & Accessories
DC Breaker PV, DC Breaker Battery, Mora Reverse Protection Device, AC Breaker, Change Over, Volt Meter, D.B etc
1.0 LS135000135000
Labor Charges
Installation of all indoor and outdoor appliances
1.0 LS3600036000
Transportation towards site
1.0 LS1500015000
Double Pit, Lighting Arrestor, SPDs
1.0 LS5600056000
8Net Metering (3P Inverter Installed)
NEPRA fees and Dues
1.0 LS95000095000

What Can We Power With A 15kw Solar System?

  • 4 AC 1.5 tons
  • 10 fans
  • 20 lights
  • 2 refrigerator
  • 1 iron
  • 1 washing machine
  • 2 LED
  • Water Pump

15kw Solar System Load Capacity In Pakistan

15kw solar system produces 1500 to 1800 kWh of electricity monthly, enough for a large house or a small business setup. With this power, we can power a variety of home appliances like ACs, refrigerators, and other home-use appliances. This system produces 1500 watts daily. However, it depends on the weather, location, and system efficiency. 15 Kw system can produce 72 kWh (units) per day, whereas 6 hours of sunny day is a must.

15kw Off Grid Solar System For Home Price In Pakistan

solar power system that functions autonomously and without connection to the electrical grid is known as an off-grid system. Off-grid solar systems are designed to be self-sufficient, providing power even when there’s no access to the grid or not allowing Net Metering. In this system, batteries are used to provide power. These systems are commonly used in remote areas, such as cabins and rural homes, or for specific applications like powering water pumps, telecommunications, or equipment. 15kva off grid solar system price in Pakistan almost 20 lakh rupees.

How Many Batteries Are Need For A 15kw Solar System?

Batteries are only used for necessary loads, which may be handled with four batteries. If you wish to include extra air conditioners or other appliances, you may expand the size or quantity of the batteries. The best option is tubular batteries for solar systems, and the best choice is Osaka or AGS batteries. You can also check the Battery Prices In Pakistan.


Is 15kW sufficient to power a home?

Yes, a 15kw solar system is sufficient to power a Kanal house. If a house uses an average of 30 kWh in a day, then a 15kw system is enough for your needs.

Is the price of a 15kw solar system the same in Lahore and Karachi?

15kw solar system prices in Lahore and Karachi can be different due to several factors, including local market conditions, installation costs, and availability of components. Additionally, shipping and logistics costs may contribute to regional price differences

How Much Energy Does Produce A 15kw Solar System?

On a bright day, a 15 kW solar system may generate between 50 and 60 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of power daily on average. Factors like the angle and direction of the solar panels and any shading from nearby structures or vegetation can influence the system’s performance. The costs of transportation and logistics may also influence regional pricing variations.

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