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Recently, the 2kw solar system price in Pakistan is almost 300,000 (3 lakh) rupees. In this price of 2kva solar panel system, all accessories included, read more.

The 5kw solar system price in Pakistan, as last updated October 2023, generally ranges from PKR 950,000 to PKR 1050,000, including, read more.

3kw solar system is enough for small houses, which consume 300 to 400 units monthly. This option is great for small houses, commercial use, and shops to fulfill daily electric needs. Read more

Gold prices in Pakistan fluctuate due to many factors, such as the USD to PKR exchange rate, global market trends, and local demand. To make wise judgments while purchasing or selling gold in Pakistan, keeping up with the most recent gold rates is imperative. We will provide you with accurate international market gold rates in time. Read more

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